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About us

With over 20 years of experience, we have seen a lot of styles come and go - hardwood flooring, however, has endured. Hardwood is allergy friendly, easier to keep clean, and adds value to your home.

Beautifloors ensures high quality workmanship on every job. We work one job at a time until it's completion, then we move to the next.

We specialize in using only the best finishes.

BeautiFloors installs prefinished or unfinished hardwood and soft floors - both domestic and exotic species. We use a modern vacuum system and can offer a 95% dust-free environment. We can refinish your existing wood floor to look new again.

We look forward to working with you. Please call (530) 320-8602 or email darren@beautifloors.com for a free estimate.

Warm Wonderful Wood

Hardwood floors are the little black dress of the home: They're classic and they go with everything.

Today, that basic for the home comes in dozens of species of woods, domestic and exotic, as well as different widths, prices and styles. In addition to standbys like oak, customers are opting for dark stains, hand-distressed wood, wide planks, and "green' options such as bamboo flooring. 

A lot of people don't realize there are so many different woods. There are more than a hundred, including exotic woods such as teak, tiger wood and Brazilian cherry. Homeowners who want to get a darker look on their existing hardwood floors can have them refinished. Some customers are asking for reclaimed wood, either because they like the look or the idea of reusing a product. Reclaimed woods often offer unique character, such as dark stains from rusted nails. Expect reclaimed wood to cost two or three times the cost of other products.

Wood floors come prefinished or are finished on site. Prefinished boards usually cost a little less than those finished on site because there's less labor and they're quicker to install. However, the color palette is limited to what the factory offers, and prefinished boards show small lines between the boards. Floors that are finished on site allows us to mix the exact stain color the customer wants. Floors finished on site also have a smoother appearance.
We prefer to use a Swedish finish, a durable varnish. The problem with Swedish finishes is they come with a powerful odor, and varnish is highly volatile. Water-based finishes are less toxic and usually require 3 coats.
With wood floors, customers get what they pay for. For a hardwood floor, expect to pay $7.50-$12.50 a square foot. The cost can go as high as $25 a square foot or more for hardwood finished on site, depending on the wood and finish.
If cared for, wood floors should last more than a lifetime. Maintenance varies depending on wear-and-tear, but generally, homeowners can expect to sweep and clean with a well-wrung out mop about once a week. Use a solution of a capful of vinegar for every gallon of water. Avoid cleaners with waxes. We recommend Bona X cleaning products, which can be found at www.bona.com. If there's any doubt, purchase a cleaning product from a flooring distributor rather than a big-box store.

Scuffs can be buffed out by a professional and a new finishing coat - this should be done usually every one to five years.

Much of this article was taken from an well-written article in the Washington Herald written by reporter, Debra Smith, and edited by Darren Breckenridge of Beautifloors Hardwood Flooring.

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